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Focus Areas

Focus Areas

“The Internet Society is operating on a world  stage to help all of the stakeholders of the Internet  to understand what the implications of the
technology are, what policies are beneficial,  and what right and freedoms need to be preserved  in the use of this system.” – Vint Cerf

Focus Areas: 2021

  • Growing the Internet
  • Strengthening the Internet
  • Empowering People to take Action


Focus Areas: 2020

  • Strengthening the Internet
  • Growing the Internet
  • Building our Community, Extending our Voices


Focus Areas: 2019

  • Shaping the Future of the Internet
  • Connecting the World
  • Improving Technical Security
  • Building Trust


Area of Focus for the year 2018

  • Internet Governance
  • Internet of Things (security)
  • Mutually Agreed Norms for Routing Systems (MANRS)
  • Community Networks
  • Other participated Events