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Internet Universality Indicators using the UNESCO ROAM-X Framework of assessment. The assessment takes place in a 12-month project across three main action plans of research, consultations and validation.

The project is funded by UNESCO and is conducted by, 10 Researchers of which two (2) are plays a key project management and leading role. The project also engages with 2 Administration/Research – assistants who assists on the project. This team meets weekly virtually every week for project updates and input in order to map, research and consult on the project implementation.   The project is divided by three key action plans, research, consultations and validation.

The assessment is researching five (5) key areas of Internet universality across six (6) themes and 303 indicators. The key categories, are Human Rights, Openness, Accessibility, Multistakeholderalism and key cross cutting issues.  

Furthermore, the following key activities highlights key activities in the first half of the year.

01 Media & Human Rights Consultations

02 Namibia launches ROAM-X Assessment

03 Researchers and MABs first in-person Meeting

Key Activities

Namibia becomes first Southern Africa to conduct Internet Development Assessment

Media, Freedom of Expression and Human Rights Consultations, 21 July 2023

Multistakeholder Advisory Board (MAB) First Physical Meeting, 15th June 2023