Wikipedia Women Editathon
Wikipedia Women Editathon

Wikipedia Women Editathon

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Date(s) - 24/04/2018
12:00 am


Participants: 11

Online content for Namibia is a key concern, but is also one of our founding aims. When ISOC’s Women’s Special Interest Group (SIG)  reached out with this global outreach initiative to our chapter was only pleased to partake.  The aim of the initiative was to edit as   profiles of women on the Wikipedia platform within 24 hours, in preferably local language and the editing needed to be done by women. With this initiative, the chapter collected about 25 profiles of women leaders in the ICT industry in Namibia,  featuring women founders, pioneers, entrepreneurs, developers, and leaders. This is in recognition of their role in the Technology and Internet Space as well as adding to more  Namibian Content online


11 women came together for this editathon and was supported by the Wikipedia Foundation through its Ambassador through quick training on the spot as well as t-shirts.

ISOC Namibia seeks to further localize this idea and spread it across all other fields but first aims to  finalise editing the profiles on hand through a locally coordinated editathon and to highlight  the  importance of having local role models documented  and available for the world and generations to emulate.

This activity, complement the Internet Governance best practice on Women

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