IETF Remote Hubs (101 and 102)
IETF Remote Hubs (101 and 102)

IETF Remote Hubs (101 and 102)

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Date(s) - 20/03/2018
12:00 am


Participants:  35 + 37

72 participants todate have attended the IETF Viewing Hub 101 and 102. The purpose of the remote hub is to promote the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) in Namibia country with the aim to identify individuals who could contribute to the work at IETF from Africa at global level. The Hubs also aim to raise awareness on the IETF and allow those who cannot travel to a meeting to experience the ongoing of a live event meeting.

While the first IETF meeting took place in London and the and meeting taking place in London, Namibian participants  for the first time took part in the discussions and practical workshops on setting up the standards of the internet.

Todate, we have created a data base of  technical and engineers of the internet in Namibia from the  participants whom have attended IETF hubs, with the aim to engage them and open them up to more information and opportunities on the IETF. We hope to work on creating avenues where members and and participants can participate confidently and speak on the Engineering part of the Internet in Namibia.

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